Audio Books - increase your value in a lively and practical way

Posted by Solomon Mhlanga on

Audio Books - increase your value in a lively and practical way

What are audio books? 

These are books. The only difference is that instead of reading words from paper or digital platform you are listening to someone reading it professionally to you.

What are the  benefits of using audio books instead of traditional print media?

  • Listening is more live than reading
  • Listening is "hands -free". You can be driving in your car, cleaning your house, showering relaxing at the comfort of your couch but still getting the much needed content.
  • Retention rate is higher when listening. Things that were said to you are easily remembered than things that were read only.
  • Audio can be played in many formats and platforms - flexibility.
  • Highest benefit to the visually impaired - This not only referring to you but people around you can benefit from your audio book
  • Many people can listen to the same source all at once.

The above are just highlights.

How does your value now increase in using them?

You are exposing yourself to content whether new or old but "content". This is an embodiment of knowledge and skills. There is no way you can grow without a certain set of skills and knowledge.

Remember! What is important  is the contents of the audio books not the audio book itself.

That's why ,with any of the audio books here you are guaranteed of a well researched practical content to improve your life.




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